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Outdoor Training


The purpose of outdoor education is to improve personal skills and personal employees through an experiential methodology based on direct experience. There are strategy games, outdoor activities, parties, with the aim of finding effective solutions to solve problems.

The concept emerged during the Second World War primarily in the Nordic and Anglo-Saxon. Relatively new in Spain, it appears as a powerful tool that combines learning in a natural environment which is very motivating.

This method combines traditional training for companies with activities and exercises outdoors. The Outdoor Training is based on learning through direct experience in a relaxed atmosphere outside the office where activities combine competitive sports, fun and teamwork. It is not only a resource for senior executives as it was today, today it is used at all levels of the company.

The application in a natural environment is conducive to participants who are detached from their role in everyday life and establishing new relationships in interpersonal relationships and new skills which will then be exploited at work. The Outdoor Training improves organizational skills, teamwork, conflict resolution, leadership, cooperation, communication ...

Alongside the more recreational activity there is an analytical characteristics of the group, giving a value concept and differs from a simple day incentive.


The purpose of an outdoor education is to lead to situations that foster patterns of behavior among employees in a company, mainly the improvement of interpersonal work teams, which results in:

- Improve group cohesion, increasing trust among colleagues and flexible behavior between the teams.
- Promote teamwork.
- To encourage attitudes that promote leadership and decision making.
- Reduce workplace stress and conflict, improving the working environment and thus the integration of the worker in the company.
- Develop a smooth and efficient communication, clarifying ideas and goals.
- Improve problem solving, developing individual and group skills, fostering a culture of improvement and learning to increase performance.


- Programs tailored to customer needs. The program in Tramuntana is never standard, it is adapted to the tastes of our clients based on the objectives we wish to achieve.
- Basic criteria of safety at all times. Our staff receive appropriate training and have a certified equipment in perfect condition. Participants are instructed to observe and practice activities in accordance with their technical knowledge. Our services have liability insurance and accident insurance.
- We set a pace at the group level. We organize activities for diverse groups why we adapt to your pace to achieve our goal.

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